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Second phase

5.7. - 9.7.
- during this week I enabled possibility to upload changes to the OSM production server and it was working fine and I created first changeset.
- downloading of route masters was added and user can browse between route's variants.
- various small fixes (more basemap layers; UI styling; some tooltips on layers; highlighting of downloaded stop areas)

10.7. - 16.7.
- the latest work concentrated mainly on the refactoring of downloading functionality while currently chosen approach was downloading a big amount of data at the start of the application which caused some trouble mainly related with loading speed. New approach downloads just node elements (stops, platforms) and everything else (relations, master rel., stop areas) are downloaded after it is selected somewhere in the application. This makes the application faster at the beginning but sometimes also causes some problems with API which don't like when it has to respond to too many requests in a short period of …